A*M*E 'Play The Game Boy'

OMG! I have been bursting to post about this since the video was released this week!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE... THIS is A*M*E's official debut single 'PLAY THE GAME BOY', written by A*M*E and Electric.

POPJUSTICE is bang on with their summary... "This is the bit where everyone who's enjoyed the A*M*E 'buzz tracks' suddenly goes "... HERE IS A BIG POP THING HAPPENING RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES", right? Right." RIGHT. Inspired by her love of K-POP, A*M*E wanted to look bright and really animated... YES! Out came a myriad of MAC Lip Mixes and Pigments to create über bright lips and eye brights ranging from MAC and NARS to BARRY M and MAYBELLINE (believe me, she's born with it!). It's safe to say... I. LOVED. EVERY. MINUTE!

PLAY THE GAME BOY will be released on Future/Universal on November 4th.